Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Dekalb County Chamblee High School-Real Estate, SAT Scores And More...

Chamblee High School is located in the City of Chamblee, Dekalb County Georgia 30341 on 3688 Chamblee-Dunwoody Rd. At time of post the school has a student body of 1512 from ninth to twelfth grades. The schools mascot is a Bulldog and their colors are blue and gold.

The School has been a Charter School since 2001.
Check out this resource to see the 2009 to 2014 Charter Info. As of SAT 2012 test scores, Chamblee High School ranked as the number 1 high school in Dekalb County with a score of 1609.
This school district remains to be a highly sought after district to live in.

Homes For Sale In Chamblee High School District

Townhomes, Condos, Land For Sale In Chamblee High School District

The Chamblee Charter High School Magnet Program for High Achievers is designed to challenge students who benefit from a fast paced and challenging environment.

More About The Dekalb County Magnet Program

The School has been going through make-overs and new construction for some time now. Here is a great resource to stay on top of the updates. 2014 is the target date for the year in which the latest phase is completed.

Chamblee Charter High School Construction Website Page

In case you are new to the area, and not sure what school your child will attend in Dekalb County,
use this great tool:

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